Our farm extends over 20 ha and is located at the altitude of 755 m. We are a family of four (4) and agriculture is our way of life. In 2001 we have also registered a supplementary activity at our farm and have been very active since. We are open all throughout the year and each season of the year has its own charm and brings along some special farming activities as well. We work with dairy cows and they give milk throughout the entire year. Besides milk production we also rear other types of cattle, pigs, hens, rabbits and a goat. We do our best to be self-sufficient in the area of essential foods (eggs, meat, milk etc.). Our guests are very happy as they can become a part of the environment when they are included in different chores on and around the farm. This brings joy especially to the younger visitors, because they have the opportunity to feed the farm animals and experience the everyday farm life.

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year at our farm. The birds are singing, nature is awakened from its winter slumber and the air has a lovely scent because the flowers blossom and the trees bring colour to our world. This season is the time for fertilizing meadows, ploughing fields, mending the fence, sowing crops and letting the cattle out of the stables.

Summer is the time when most of our time is spent mowing, harvesting grass and hay, but modern farming equipment makes our work a little bit easier. Due to some steep slopes we also have to do some of the before mentioned activities by hand. This is special; the work is done in a peaceful and quiet surrounding. Sometimes we enrich our experience with a song, loud cheer or just a word or two to make the work that more pleasant. Because our tourist farm is located on the top of a hill, it is never too hot due to a refreshing, cold summer breeze. The summer is the reason for many trips to our environment. The guests come from cities, valleys and from abroad to get a glimpse of our nature, peace and fresh air. We also treat them to a vide variety of homemade foods and drinks.

Autumn gives nature a special blend and wraps it in a delightful mix of colours. This is also the time when we harvest our crops, which were sown in the spring. Our guests are happy to give a helpful hand and pick the apples and other fruit from our orchards as well as pick potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beets and turnips from our fields. We extract 100% juice from our home-grown apples, which we offer to our guests all year long.

Winter is the time for pork and sausages from our pigs. The delicate smell of black pudding and sausages fill the air around the farm and the meat dryers are filled with different salamis, prosciuttos, pork necks and other dried meat products. Due to the high altitude on which the farm is located, winter also brings a lot of snow and it can create a true winter fairytale. The guests can ride with sleds, go ski touring, go cross-country skiing or just throw around some snowballs and make some snowmen.

Turistična kmetija Široko
Izletniški in stacionarni turizem
Tolminski Lom 41a
5216 Most na Soči

+386 (0)5 388 72 20
+386 (0)31 252 786


Saturday from 12.00 to 21.00
Sunday from 12.00 to 21.00
Feasts from 12.00 to 21.00

On January 1st and November 1st we are closed!

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